8Teenies Pass

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Imagine April from 8teenies.com somehow lands on your doorstep. She takes off her shirt and exposes her youthful tits and guess what? They don’t need a bra because these hush puppies are standing at attention!

April hands you a bottle of baby oil and you watch her spread it all over her small, but ample titties. Your cock rudely points at April’s sexy tits, but she doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she rudely stares at your rock hard member like its 100 degrees outside and your cock is made out of vanilla ice cream!


Not wanting to appear too rude, April offers you her tits and you cop a feel. Damn! How can something so soft be so hard and yet so soft and so hard… ahh! Now your cock is leaking precum onto your pants!

April is a good girl with a good upbringing. Once she sees your cock juice on your pants she offers to wash them for you and no matter how much you tell her its OK, she insists and quickly pulls them down!



Holy shit! What started out as a… fuck… why’d April land on your doorstep in the first place? Who is this teen cocksucker? When was the last time you received a teen blowjob? High school?

Hope she likes the taste of your cum!

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