Drunk Attention Whores

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The economy is in the shitter and it isn’t getting better any time soon. So what does that have to do with a porn blog? It means more and more coeds are going to need extra cash and they will get it any way they have to!

Drunk Attention Whores like the one above are willing to do anything to stay in school. Including performing a topless keg stand while letting someone take a picture of it. Now she can sell it anywhere she can get cash and guess what? We have a site just for Drunk Attention Whores like this bitch.

Wanna guess what its called?

Yup, that’s right!


Lets face it, the best part of college is the hot babes. Get them drunk and they crave attention. These Drunk Attention Whores will do anything you ask as long as you keep the alcohol flowing. Veterans know how to skirt that line between sauced and sexy, and drunk and puking.

With sites like DrunkAttentionWhores.com it doesn’t matter if you are the master of plaster or just some guy that wants to jackoff to hot naked chicks… there is wall-to-wall floozy waiting for you inside!

Members also get access to their other sites featuring dumb bitches taking self shots and candid pics of each other in various stages of dress… or undress!

Sex, alcohol and cock-n-roll, baby!

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