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have the best time of your life without ever leaving your london hotel

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Lesbian escort services in Heathrow, London

You are finally getting away on a big company trip and they seem to have thought of everything – a big suite in a posh Heathrow hotel overlooking a golf course (for which you will have a tee time tomorrow), a livery sedan to take your from the airport to the hotel, and an expense account flush with cash to spend anyway you see fit. It is that last part that has probably got you wondering: what exactly do they consider a good fit?

We have a bright idea for you to consider. Tap into London’s best escorts service and you will be energizes and ready to make the kind of impression your company is hoping you will make. Being so far from home can be taxing no matter how many amenities are thrown at you, but toss in a couple of girls from Heathrow Escort Services and you whole business trip will feel like more of a vacation.

Afraid of how much this is going to set you back once it is all said and done? Parish the thought. You will pay just £100 plus taxi fare for an hour per escort and as little as £700 per girl for an entire night. Now you have to be wondering, why did they give me so much money if the girls are so cheap? We are figuring that you will figure it out.

True High Class Escort Services In London

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Search Google for London escorts and you are bound to find a lot of agencies that claim to be high class, however, they end up being anything but high class. To help guide you through the muddy waters, of which escort advertising on the Internet has become, I am going to educate you on some points of interest that will help you to differentiate a true high class escort agency from a scam. To help you spot quality London escort agencies I will be using as an example of what a truly exceptional agency will look like.

First and foremost, you must realize that when it comes to escorts you get what you pay for and high class girls do not come cheap. If you were to purchase a recently new BMW for just 1000 quid you wouldn’t expect much of the car. The same goes for escorts. Pay £100 for an hour with a girl and you can expect she will not speak English, will not appear to be a top model of anything and quite possibly will ruin your evening.

At Spades of London the rates are high because the girls you see in the models gallery are the girls you are going to receive. Your model escort will be of exceptional beauty – Playboy quality! She will not only speak English, she will also often be able to converse in other languages and be university educated. A true high class escort you can bring with you to business functions to impress your colleagues.

Another good way to spot the fakes is to just read the text on their website. Do they run on and on about lots of nothing or are they straight shooters who get to the point? Do they have an extensive FAQ page covering many different subjects that have come up over the years, or are they actually trying to hide that sort of information from you?

Spades of London is ready to answer all of the questions you might have about using an escort service of their caliber. You can find good information on their FAQ page or make an inquiry using their online form. As always you can call them at +44 (0)78 763 00045.

Make the right choice with Spades of London. The only London escorts agency offering truly high class models!