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Zoey Foxx Finds Herself 18 and Broke!

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When Zoey Foxx reached 18 years old her mom and dad kicked her out. Times were tough and they didn’t have enough money to go around. It was time for her to fend for herself. It was only weeks before Xmas and Zoey found herself 18 and broke!

While searching for a place to stay for a few days she got hungry and decided to break into a house and steal some food. She didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t think of anything else. Zoey found a house she figured was owned by a commuter and wouldn’t have anybody home for a while. Little did she know the owner was all ready retired.

When the home owner got back from the store he noticed his front door ajar. Someone or some people broke in while he was gone. He grabbed a rather large stick just in case they were still there and went inside to investigate.

Once inside he spied Zoey trying to ditch her stuff behind some furnishings. She pleaded with him not to bash her over the head even though she knew she deserved it. He took pity on her. Zoey reminded him of his own daughter. She was much older than Zoey now, but at 18 years old she had a tight body too.

The more he laid his eyes on this little cutie and her perky boobs the more he yearned to taste them. Zoey could tell he was getting horny. She thought he was pretty cute for an older guy and wondered what it would be like to fuck him. Perhaps they could strike up a deal and both would be happy?

Now Zoey is sleeping in a warm bed and taking a hot shower every day. Her partner is dividing his time between fucking her brains out and reassuring his neighbors that she is his niece. None of them have the balls to tell him that his niece is moaning like a dog in heat every time he fucks her!

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