Find dates for sluts while making money

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find this slut a date and make money doing it

Usually I reserve this spot to tell you about girls that want to get into porn to make money for rent and going out on the weekends. Often they are in college and have spent through the stipend mommy and daddy have sent them. But today I am going to switch things up a little bit if you don’t mind. Today I am going to address all of the guys and girls out there with some social skills and no money. I will show you how to find dates for sluts and make money while doing it. All while spending nothing out of pocket.

The one thing you do need to have is time. Not a whole lot. Just having an hour a day is good. Get an account here for affiliate program dating. Then get some blogger blogs, several Twitter accounts and an alternate Facebook account. You can get several of them by using your Gmail address with periods in it. So if your address is [email protected] you would change it to [email protected] and to those social sites it is a new address. To Gmail it is the same thing.

Now post your links to those sites and link from them into each other and you can get hits from people looking for dating on those social media sites. Just make sure to hashtag everything.

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