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18 and Broke – Ashley

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eh, little girl. You want some candy

Even skinny little broke bitches need to eat. So when we saw Ashley sitting out front of McDick’s we decided to give her a healthy dose of tube steak!

At first Ashley wasn’t very warm to the idea of blowing cock for cash, but then, along with not eating, she hadn’t had a decent sized cock in weeks either. Once she saw what we were packing in the pants she got all nummy inside and started fucking for French fries!


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Broke Amateurs

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When Ashley showed up at the Broke Amateurs office she was in dire need of a cash infusion. The souring economy left her with less financial aid money. She had just one problem… She was also engaged to get married!

Not that getting married was a problem. Hey, I am all for young people throwing what could have been the best years of their life away and trading them for a bunch of what-ifs!

Ashley didn’t want to cheat on her fiancé, but she really needed that cash! So Ashley used her noggin, after all, she is in college, and came up with a brilliant plan. She would give the lucky camera guy a footjob instead of fucking him. After all, footjobs aren’t actually sex right?

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As it turns out, Ashley’s engagement didn’t pan out so the guys gave her a deal she couldn’t refuse… Her own web site! Get more of Ashley at!

18 and Broke – Ashley

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Poor Ashley, she thought she was going to get off easy, but she quickly learned that there is no such thing as easy at Exploited Teens. Well, unless you are talking about finding our next barely legal babe in an exploitable situation.

We found this bitch at McD’s with no money and no place to live. We figured out a way to help her with the money, but there was no way any of us were going to find this bitch a place to live. She figured a warm meal and a place to lie down for a while was worth it.

Watch this small tits vixen “accidentally” show her pink panties from below her denim mini skirt. When we get to see her ass it is tight enough to bounce a quarter off of it. Her barely legal pussy is shaved smooth so her panties show her pussy crack. finds plenty of girls like Ashley with one new one added each week. All of the girls make videos and picture sets. As you can see on the tour, the quality control at Exploited Teens is taken quite seriously.

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