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Broke amateurs welcome to the suck!

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If there is one thing you absolutely don’t want to do as a girl it is run out of cash. Sure, you can always rely on the whole prostitution thing, it is the oldest profession in the world, but really? Do you want to lower yourself to that level?

This isn’t a blog about bettering yourself so strike that whole first paragraph. This is a blog about finding the weak, the tired, the hungry and treating them to a nice home cooked meal of blood sausage smothered in cummions!

It is time to welcome this cock hungry bitch from Broke Amateurs. She made the huge mistake of leaving her parents posh pad in the Hamptons in a quest to strike it rich in L.A. Unfortunately she had no acting ability to speak of so that lead to her working in porn where plot lines don’t exactly win awards… unless that is you consider winning Best Anal Actress of the Year an award worth keeping…

The site updates weekly and the videos are shot in HD. I suck as grabbing pics from videos so just watch the damn thing and don’t complain!

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