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She Really Needs The Money

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We’ve all been in situations where we were desperate and would do anything to get through a tough time. If you’ve ever gone to college you understand how it’s really easy to run out of money, so you might end up taking odd jobs or doing things you normally wouldn’t. Luckily for us, a ton of girls end up doing porn for money and we get to watch it! That’s exactly why I’m such a big fan of Exploited College Girls.

This site has been around since 2005 and has mastered the art of capturing this toe-curling amateur action. These videos begin with an intimate interview so you hear all about the girls and why they chose to do porn for cash. Then things get down to business and we watch the explicit hardcore sex acts. There are currently over 650 videos shot in Full HD for your viewing pleasure. Each one will make you want to empty your balls and then watch another one. It’s that hot.

Click here to grab this Exploited College Girls discount for 17% off.

She Says She’s 18 So It’s Fine

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Hurry up and snatch this 51% instant discount to Pure 18. If you wait too long then these sluts might get too old for you.

Barely-legal babes hold a special place in my heart (and my pants). I want to fuck the youngest tightest (legal) pussies I can because they just feel better than anything else! My wife is well into her 30s but she’s petite, so that’s the next best thing I suppose. And yes, I make her wear pigtails. Sometimes she gets salty about it though so I fire up the old laptop and check out Pure 18. Those girls never get old!

There are more than 350 scenes and over 106,000 photos to get your cock hard on this site. Those little nymphos just can’t get enough actions. You’ll find plenty of handjobs, blowjobs, anal fucking, cumshots, stripteases, and hardcore sex. And when you sign up through our discount you’ll also get access to the entire Reality Kings network with over 35 sites and a content collection topping 10,000 videos! So hurry up and sign up before this deal expires.


Sluts Just Wanna Have Fun

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One thing is always true. Teen girls love to party, fuck, and have lots of wild hardcore fun. If you’ve ever been to the beach on Spring Break you know this is a fact. They want sex just as bad as any guy. They just need the right opportunities to show it.

I recently found a hot teen porn site called It’s filled with two or more girls in every scene, sometimes having steamy girl-on-girl action and sometimes giving a guy the time of his life. And they don’t care where it’s happening. You’ll see them having slumber parties, on road trips, at barbeques, at prom, and plenty of public places. Those sluts want to fuck anywhere and everywhere. Interested? Just click this link to knock 41% off the price with a BFFs discount.

Most of the girls are 18-23 with thin tight bodies and even tighter pussies. If you want a porn site with the best amateurs showing off their bottomless appetites for cum, cock, and cunt, then this site is the one for you.

Nymphos Can’t Get Enough Cock

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Who doesn’t love a nasty teen nympho? Have you ever been with one? Wow, I mean I thought I was a horndog. But when you really get with a nympho you realize that it’s hard keeping up with them. I need at least 20 minutes to get hard again, but those sluts are ready to keep fucking. It’s exhausting!

But just because they can be a handful doesn’t mean it’s not fun trying to satisfy those feisty babes. When you watch them online it’s a lot of fun too. That’s why I’m a member of They have the hottest little vixens with an insatiable appetite for cock. Some of their best “up and cummers” are Autumn Falls, Charity Crawford, Gianna Dior, Anastasia Knight, Kenna James, and Amia Miley. I just love watching them try to take a big dick in those tiny fuck-holes.

You might not have a nympho at home in the bedroom, but with a membership to this site you’ll feel like you do. Click here to use this discount link for 51% off.

Get A 34% Discount to Broke Amateurs

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Broke Amateurs Discount

Are you feeling horny and still flush with money from Christmas? If so you can release some of your Xmas jism on some unsuspecting young starlets over at Broke Amateurs. The crew at Porn Discounts have gotten together with ladies on to offer you this 34% discount on Broke Amateurs.

Billed as one of those sites everybody should join at least once, Broke Amateurs aims to please by doing something no other site does well: they have real amateur girls having real orgasms in sexual positions you might actually use on a regular basis.

Pro Tip: Go get a large banana. Peel it upside down from the fruit flower/brown crusty side. Leave about 1 inch towards the top unpeeled. Pull the banana gingerly out of its sheath. Now warm the peel in the microwave for about 20 seconds. You now have nature’s answer to a male sex toy that will feel surprisingly real. Just like having a teen girl mouthing your cock!

Not to mention your real girlfriend might now appreciate the taste of your cock!

Broke amateurs PIerced Nipples Cutie

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Speaking of biting; this girl was all lips. Except when her tongue was out of course.

She checked off the box for deepthroating and sure enough she stayed true to her word. Here she is tickling her tonsils with a huge cock. Watch the deepthroating video and you will be surprised when she see her pull back. This dudes cock was going down her neck!

I can’t say all of the videos at Broke Amateurs are this entertaining or that the girls are always this cute. I can say that they have hundreds of videos featuring broke bitches in need of cash and that you will find dozens of them to your liking. Get ready to download, son. You are going in!

Broke amateurs cock sucking video

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[video src=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/snapshot12.jpg” width=”250″ height=”137″ />

Take the Broke Amateurs tour and check out the slew of cock hungry coeds they have waiting for you!

Broke amateurs presley

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They say every cloud has a silver lining. At Broke Amateurs every girl has a pearl necklace. It is just a small token of compensation for their hard work and determination. Each episode features a new hottie willing to trade sex for cash!

In this episode the tall blondes name is Presley. She has some sweet, grabby, perky C-cup boobies. The kind you can only find on college girls. Marry this young coed hottie and one thing is for sure, her chest is only going to get bigger and better with age!

Broke Amateurs updates weekly and each video is full length including an interview. No matter what restrictions life is putting on you, you need some sexual gratification once in a while. Why not get it from girls that need the cash?

Broke amateurs welcome to the suck!

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If there is one thing you absolutely don’t want to do as a girl it is run out of cash. Sure, you can always rely on the whole prostitution thing, it is the oldest profession in the world, but really? Do you want to lower yourself to that level?

This isn’t a blog about bettering yourself so strike that whole first paragraph. This is a blog about finding the weak, the tired, the hungry and treating them to a nice home cooked meal of blood sausage smothered in cummions!

It is time to welcome this cock hungry bitch from Broke Amateurs. She made the huge mistake of leaving her parents posh pad in the Hamptons in a quest to strike it rich in L.A. Unfortunately she had no acting ability to speak of so that lead to her working in porn where plot lines don’t exactly win awards… unless that is you consider winning Best Anal Actress of the Year an award worth keeping…

The site updates weekly and the videos are shot in HD. I suck as grabbing pics from videos so just watch the damn thing and don’t complain!

Get more cock sucking newly-hookers at Broke Amateurs!

Broke Amateurs

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When this Asian babe showed up at the Broke Amateurs offices the guys all got a bit giddy. I guess you could say that a case of yellow fever broke out in epidemic proportions. Like most work environments, at Broke Amateurs the shit rolls downward… among other things!

So the boss kicked everyone out and decided to handle this interview all on his own. You end up getting treated to some awesome point of view shots and since our boss has a tiny cock, you won’t feel upstaged no matter what your dick size is!

Broke Amateurs… It is where sluts go for some quick cash!

Broke Amateurs

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When Ashley showed up at the Broke Amateurs office she was in dire need of a cash infusion. The souring economy left her with less financial aid money. She had just one problem… She was also engaged to get married!

Not that getting married was a problem. Hey, I am all for young people throwing what could have been the best years of their life away and trading them for a bunch of what-ifs!

Ashley didn’t want to cheat on her fiancé, but she really needed that cash! So Ashley used her noggin, after all, she is in college, and came up with a brilliant plan. She would give the lucky camera guy a footjob instead of fucking him. After all, footjobs aren’t actually sex right?

If you like real amateurs and a few semi-pros thrown in for good measure, Broke Amateurs is going to rock your world!

As it turns out, Ashley’s engagement didn’t pan out so the guys gave her a deal she couldn’t refuse… Her own web site! Get more of Ashley at!

Exploited College Girls

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If there is one thing colleges have plenty of it is talent. Cheap exploitable talent!

At Exploited College Girls the coeds need cash like… yesterday. They are ready and willing to trade sex for it if they have to and at Exploited College Girls they definitely have to.

Unlike most broke amateurs sites Exploited College Girls has different categories. Girls go solo, together and go hardcore with one, two or even three guys at the same time. With over 350 videos already waiting for you the time to start this adventure is NOW!

Broke Amateurs – Alicia

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Alicia grew up in a strong family and had lots of goals she set for herself. Of course that is half the problem right there. To much stress!

After flunking out of college and losing her scholarship money Alicia found it hard to make ends meet. That was her story until she met the guys at Broke Amateurs. They had tons of work for this poor damsel in distress.

You can help girls like Alicia get their cum splattered facials and instant cash by joining Broke Amateurs. Each week you and the crew at Broke Amateurs help a new girl get back on her feet. Call it a win-win if you will!

Broke Amateurs – Riley and Friend

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Having one girl from Broke Amateurs suck you cock is golden. Having Riley and her friend blow your cock at the same time and then swap your sperm? That is priceless!

Broke Amateurs goes out into the world and finds broke ass bitches and then brings them back to the pad to make money the old fashioned way… prostitution.

The girls come from all walks of life. This guy literally finds them in every nook and cranny of the city. Students are an obvious target. Those broke ass bitches always need cash. You’d think their parents would wise up and send their little girls some money… wrong!

Students are the only Broke Amateurs out there though… Believe it or not, teachers aren’t doing so well in this economy either. If this guy had a nickel for every teacher he banged he’d have like 65 cents!


Seriously though… If you like amateur babes you haven’t seen before this guys got em. Some of them didn’t even really know how to give a blowjob before he got a hold of them. They actually start blowing on his cock! haha

Broke Amateurs features tons of point of view videos so you can really feel like you are part of the action. Who knows, maybe after seeing some of his techniques you might want to bang some amateurs of your own!

Broke Amateurs

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Sure Kristie is a broke ass amateur cock whore, but she gags on a cock like a true porn star. Her ability to swallow cock got her an audition where there is no big prize, just a big cock and a fist full of dollars.

Each week a new first timer comes in looking to make it big in the porn industry. They came to the wrong place, but that doesn’t mean we won’t turn the bitch out!

Anal, ass-to-mouth, all par for the course. This is where the ladies come to prove themselves and we aim to prove we can gag them. Cock not big enough? No problem, let me fuck your ass and then tell me how that tastes, bitch!

These are real amateurs. Coeds looking to make ends meet, secretaries looking for something more amazing then a cubicle, waitresses looking for something more exciting then the dinner specials. Broke Amateurs has the girl next door you have been looking to feed cock to for years. Now you can!

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