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She Really Needs The Money

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We’ve all been in situations where we were desperate and would do anything to get through a tough time. If you’ve ever gone to college you understand how it’s really easy to run out of money, so you might end up taking odd jobs or doing things you normally wouldn’t. Luckily for us, a ton of girls end up doing porn for money and we get to watch it! That’s exactly why I’m such a big fan of Exploited College Girls.

This site has been around since 2005 and has mastered the art of capturing this toe-curling amateur action. These videos begin with an intimate interview so you hear all about the girls and why they chose to do porn for cash. Then things get down to business and we watch the explicit hardcore sex acts. There are currently over 650 videos shot in Full HD for your viewing pleasure. Each one will make you want to empty your balls and then watch another one. It’s that hot.

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Tiny Teens Arriel and Ivy blow some cock

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first time auditions tiny teens blowing cock

Teen girls are notoriously bad with money. They are very impulsive when they go shopping so they always run out of cash and need a quick way to replenish their stash. For tiny teens Arriel and Ivy from First Time Auditions all it took was some sucky-sucky- fucky-fucky and they were rewarded with a facial cumshot and a couple hundred bucks to make their weekend special.

Because of their knack for finding themselves destitute there are weekly updates on featuring young girls barely old enough to have sexy legally. Have fun as they flash their young perky boobies and explore sex together. Catch them all while they are in their prime. They will not look this cute ever again!

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Coed Khloe Takes a girlsdoporn cumshot

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She is the latest installment at the amateur sex reality site GirlsDoPorn. Khloe found herself 18 and broke without much hope of paying her rent. It isn’t like she was born in a bad way. She has great parents that try to support her while she is away at college. It is just that Khloe keeps spending all of her money on parties and she gives she rest to her boyfriend. He is a total slug. So bad is he that he actually drove her down to the Girls Do Porn offices to get that money!

GirlsDoPorn updates weekly with a new babe looking for some quick cash. Even well known porn stars drop in from time to time. They are notoriously careless with their finances. You won’t find a better way to spend your day then watching what these girls will lower themselves to in order to win the producers love in the form of money. So long to daddy’s girl!

Mary C 18 and broke for met art

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Met Art Mary C

Mary C probably didn’t see this one coming when she headed off to college. Mary managed to land a scholarship to cover most of her tuition and landed a job to cover her food and boarding. But then the economy took a dive and she needed to cover her rent. A friend told her about an erotic nude site called MPL Models and it looked intriguing. The site wasn’t slutty like the porno mags her brother used to look at back when she lived at home. It was actually kind of artistic. She had already modeled for one of the other art students in the nude before. This wasn’t that much different.

But it was different. That art student’s painting of Mary probably will never see any kind of media attention whether it be through the usual outlets or the Internet. On the other hand, the Met Art Mary C photos will be seen by millions of men and women on the Internet and be there for all to see no matter where they are in the world. You can even see them on your cell phone.

It isn’t all bad though. Lots of women have modeled for MetArt and have went on to enjoy good careers. Besides, with most of the stuff women are wearing today you can almost make out their naked shape anyway.

AnnaBeLLe21 Broke At age 20

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She might not be 18 and broke, but she is 20 and in need of some cash. AnnaBelle21 thought she would be clever and become a stripper instead of going to college. After a while she got tired of the booze, wild men and the drugs that seem to flow through seedy strip clubs. So she changed it up and started stripping online. While she does make decent tips here and there with her webcam she is still looking for a sugar daddy like the one she had when she was in the clubs.

Most people think webcam models roll in cash, but they actually don’t. Just like the in the club people have the option to pay. If a girl isn’t doing a good free show nobody is going to want to take her private. So girls have to do free teen sex cams to entice people. Problem is some guys are just fine with the boobs and the occasional flash of the pink… just like in the clubs.

Now, I am not going to tell you to go be a sugar daddy for Annabelle. I will tell you to enjoy her free shows though. While you are at it you can enjoy the free sex cam chat rooms of all of the models there. If you do decide to cough up some cash make sure she is a little freak box like Annabelle is!

Zoey Foxx Finds Herself 18 and Broke!

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When Zoey Foxx reached 18 years old her mom and dad kicked her out. Times were tough and they didn’t have enough money to go around. It was time for her to fend for herself. It was only weeks before Xmas and Zoey found herself 18 and broke!

While searching for a place to stay for a few days she got hungry and decided to break into a house and steal some food. She didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t think of anything else. Zoey found a house she figured was owned by a commuter and wouldn’t have anybody home for a while. Little did she know the owner was all ready retired.

When the home owner got back from the store he noticed his front door ajar. Someone or some people broke in while he was gone. He grabbed a rather large stick just in case they were still there and went inside to investigate.

Once inside he spied Zoey trying to ditch her stuff behind some furnishings. She pleaded with him not to bash her over the head even though she knew she deserved it. He took pity on her. Zoey reminded him of his own daughter. She was much older than Zoey now, but at 18 years old she had a tight body too.

The more he laid his eyes on this little cutie and her perky boobs the more he yearned to taste them. Zoey could tell he was getting horny. She thought he was pretty cute for an older guy and wondered what it would be like to fuck him. Perhaps they could strike up a deal and both would be happy?

Now Zoey is sleeping in a warm bed and taking a hot shower every day. Her partner is dividing his time between fucking her brains out and reassuring his neighbors that she is his niece. None of them have the balls to tell him that his niece is moaning like a dog in heat every time he fucks her!

There is no shame is wanting to watch free porn videos. Everybody does it. You are just saving your hard earned cash and getting your rocks off at the same time. No harm in that. Just make sure you bookmark and keep going back. Wouldn’t want you to go back to doing things the old way again.

College girls need cash

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How do 18 yo girls in porn get there in the first place? Well, this one got there by having assholes for parents. She wanted to go to a college out of state and they wanted her close to home. They flat out refused to pay for her tuition if she left. So what was she supposed to do?

This little cutie answered an ad in the newspaper looking for girls willing to do naughty calendars. After two or three of those she realized they weren’t going to pay her enough to get into the college she wanted so she propositioned the photographer about taking nude photos.

Being a nice guy the photographer cautioned her about teen models in porn. That once you do porn there is no going back. Most people won’t work with porn stars in mainstream advertising. She didn’t care. She needed cash and she needed it quick!

Now we get to see her lovely body in its entirety. Sure, the imagination can be a good thing, but when you have such a beautiful display of perfection isn’t it better to enjoy the real thing?

18 and broke at the dare dorm

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These two lovely coed babes are Exploited Teens. Don’t feel bad for them though, they just collected on a $10,000 bounty at the Dare Dorm. The guys at accept submissions from college kids around the USA and Canada trying to make it big on the Internet with a completely uninhibited sex video.

In this episode that was submitted by a lesbian sorority the girls take turns showing us why girls do this sort of thing. Because it feels good! The top reason girls give on why they enjoy getting their pussy licked by another woman over having a guy do the deed is that girls know what girls want. They know what feels good!

Dare Dorm has plenty of piping hot hardcore videos as well. Take the tour and check out some of the latest videos!

18 and broke emma

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And suck she did! What a champ. Girls like Emma make me proud to work at Exploited Teens. I always feel like I am giving something back to the community each and every time I nut my jizzle juice down a girls throat. Plus, I am sure her mother is happy knowing Emma had found a way to keep off of the streets. Total win-win-win!

18 and Broke salty fries

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Ashley got her French fries and the guys were nice enough to dust them with some salty tasting stuff.

Get weekly updates and an entire network with a membership to Exploited Teens. Plus, get access to an ever growing downloadable DVD network featuring every niche under the sun! Take the tour and check the join page for more details!

18 and Broke – Ashley

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eh, little girl. You want some candy

Even skinny little broke bitches need to eat. So when we saw Ashley sitting out front of McDick’s we decided to give her a healthy dose of tube steak!

At first Ashley wasn’t very warm to the idea of blowing cock for cash, but then, along with not eating, she hadn’t had a decent sized cock in weeks either. Once she saw what we were packing in the pants she got all nummy inside and started fucking for French fries!


At Exploited Teens we update weekly and are part of a large network of sites. You get the entire bundle for just a buck when you join any of the sites in the network.

If you like real teens with their small tits, petite bodies and hot little pussies you will enjoy We skip all of the bullshit and get down to business. The teen fucking business!

And right now… Business is booming!

Private School Jewel

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Nobody knows more about being 18 and broke than Private School Jewel does. Unlike some girls Jewel hatched a plan to rectify the situation. She opened her own web site so she could pay for college and things are beginning to look a lot brighter!

Speaking of looking brighter. Sweet Jesus, have you ever seen such a fuckable piece of girl next door ass? Private School Jewel is the epitome of that hot girl in school that doesn’t have to try, she attracts guys like bees to honey!

Private School Jewel is shot in 3500 pixels with downloadable ZIP sets. Her videos are lively and fresh. She really knows how to entertain a guy! Jewel also does web cam shows so you can get private shows just for you!

Along with all of this you get access to her forum. With Jewel you do more than just see her naked, you get to hang out with her and be a part of her life!

18 and Broke – Heather

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Heather grew up in a good family. Unfortunately that meant she was spoiled rotten! She used all of her cash to throw raging parties and began to enjoy getting twisted a bit more than getting good grades in school. Her parents gave her an ultimatum. Shape up or ship out!

Like most dumbass bitches she figured she’d show them. Her friends got tired of her shit and it became obvious that they only liked her because she used to have money. Now that she was dead broke they didn’t much enjoy having her eat their food and use their utilities.

Eventually Heather has a choice to make. She either had to suck it up and go back to her parents or suck it up and make some cold hard cash with the boys from Exploited Teens. She chose the later and the rest is history!

18 and Broke – Cock Suckers!

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While all of the girls at Exploited Teens are adept at sucking cock they are different in appearance. Take curvy cutie Casey here. She isn’t petite but then she isn’t fat either. I guess you could say that Casey is just right.

If you would have asked Casey a year ago if she thought she would be sucking cock on video she probably would have said no. Back then she had her whole life ahead of her. A few wrong moves and she was left out in the cold with no money or prospects for making any.

Then found her. Now she is just one of many cock suckers on the site. Sure this isn’t what she pictured herself doing for work but it does have its perks… if you like sucking cock that is…

Girls like Casey need cash and the system has failed them. Grab a membership and show this girl that you enjoy her new found abilities. Exploited Teens also offers these girls a paycheck. Your subscription to this site can keep these teenagers off the street!

18 and Broke – Dylan

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A site over the top it is hard to decide which niche it falls into. The girls at Exploited Teens are barely legal teenagers. They have small tits, cute button noises and an undeniable ability to summon cum from hard cocks.

That is all easy… It is what happens to the girls once the cum comes out that makes this site so great. Half Bukkake and half gonzo, the girls of Exploited Teens find themselves in some pretty sticky situations.

Dylan above found herself covered in cum. We didn’t pay her until she cleaned every bit of it up. Talk about finger lickin’ good!

They also came all over her money and made her lick it off that too before she was allowed to go. All in a days work for a poor teenage girl with no skills… other than sucking cock.

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