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18 and broke emma

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And suck she did! What a champ. Girls like Emma make me proud to work at Exploited Teens. I always feel like I am giving something back to the community each and every time I nut my jizzle juice down a girls throat. Plus, I am sure her mother is happy knowing Emma had found a way to keep off of the streets. Total win-win-win!

18 and Broke – Emma

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I am sure Emma didn’t think she’d end up doing porn when she moved (was kicked) out of mom and dad’s house. They were trying to scare her straight. Emma had developed a habit of smoking pot and not respecting authority.

The team at Exploited Teens had just the right cure for her. Some thick salami and a wad of cash. Once Emma learned the hard way that mommy and daddy were right she swore she’d change her ways. The entire shoot she held on to her teddy bear whimpering like the little whore that she is.

Then something miraculous happened. She had an orgasm that blew her mind. She had never cummed in front of the camera before and Emma really enjoyed it!

Now Emma is a regular at the house. She even brings a sack of weed now and then to share with the boys. Talk about losing your training wheels. Emma is now a bonafide teen whore!