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College girls need cash

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How do 18 yo girls in porn get there in the first place? Well, this one got there by having assholes for parents. She wanted to go to a college out of state and they wanted her close to home. They flat out refused to pay for her tuition if she left. So what was she supposed to do?

This little cutie answered an ad in the newspaper looking for girls willing to do naughty calendars. After two or three of those she realized they weren’t going to pay her enough to get into the college she wanted so she propositioned the photographer about taking nude photos.

Being a nice guy the photographer cautioned her about teen models in porn. That once you do porn there is no going back. Most people won’t work with porn stars in mainstream advertising. She didn’t care. She needed cash and she needed it quick!

Now we get to see her lovely body in its entirety. Sure, the imagination can be a good thing, but when you have such a beautiful display of perfection isn’t it better to enjoy the real thing?

Fetish Sex

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Girls in need of cash with do just about anything to get it. This little honey let this guy tie her up for a couple hundred bucks. For a few hundred more he received a highly erotic blowjob. The kind that makes you develop a fetish. Heck, he is probably already full blown down the fetish road by now!

You can date girls like this or girls into your favorite fetish. You don’t have to pay them like this guy paid her. These girls will do what you want because they are on the same road to fetish town as you.