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Dad uses daughter’s friends as cum sponges

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dad prays on friends of his daughter

You really can’t blame either party in this carnal matchup. This man isn’t doing anything any of us wouldn’t do if we could. His daughter is a slut, but he is a good guy and he doesn’t touch her. Instead he uses her friend’s as sponges for his cum. It seems his daughter’s friends can never get or keep enough money so he has a steady stream of girls willing to let him jizz on their faces.

The crazy thing is that this sick bastard is willing to not only fill the girls up with cum, but he is also willing to eat it out of them. They don’t even have to ask him to do it. He is kind of hooked on performing this feat from his ex-wife. She was a controlling bitch and she enjoyed having him watch her get fucked by black guys with huge cocks. Then he was made to eat their cum out of her snatch.

At least now he is getting to fuck some hot teens.