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After Doing Live Sex Shows She Ain’t Broke!

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This super cute coed was having the same problem most super cute coeds seem to be having across the US. She was dirt broke poor with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and nobody wanted to hire her. To make ends meet she started doing live sex shows on It was a good move, because as you can see, she is making money hand over fist now!

She goes by BrittanyLive and she now does couples shows with her boyfriend as CumPlayWithUs. With her sweet looks and her rocking body it isn’t hard to see why people are flocking to her shows.

I know $200 seems like a lot, but that isn’t what you have to pay to watch this young cutie masturbate her tight pussy. All you have to pay is $4 and you get treated to the entire show. I used to watch 1 or 2 shows a week and spend $400 a week doing so. Now I spend $200 a week and watch over 50 shows!

There is no better way to enjoy live sex than to do so at rates that allow you to maximize your viewing pleasure.

It’s ok if she gets fucked

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well now take a look at what a little slut we’ve got here. It’s amazing what these young girls are willing to do just to get fucked. I’m guessing that money isn’t on their priority list. They don’t care if they’re broke or not, as long as they can get a thick dick inside their tiny tight pussy hole like this one’s getting on Whenever this guy is pushing his dick deep inside her pussy it’s getting squeezed so hard that it looks like it’s about to explode. Can you imagine how tight this young girl is?

Mary C 18 and broke for met art

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Met Art Mary C

Mary C probably didn’t see this one coming when she headed off to college. Mary managed to land a scholarship to cover most of her tuition and landed a job to cover her food and boarding. But then the economy took a dive and she needed to cover her rent. A friend told her about an erotic nude site called MPL Models and it looked intriguing. The site wasn’t slutty like the porno mags her brother used to look at back when she lived at home. It was actually kind of artistic. She had already modeled for one of the other art students in the nude before. This wasn’t that much different.

But it was different. That art student’s painting of Mary probably will never see any kind of media attention whether it be through the usual outlets or the Internet. On the other hand, the Met Art Mary C photos will be seen by millions of men and women on the Internet and be there for all to see no matter where they are in the world. You can even see them on your cell phone.

It isn’t all bad though. Lots of women have modeled for MetArt and have went on to enjoy good careers. Besides, with most of the stuff women are wearing today you can almost make out their naked shape anyway.